Tuesday, 16 November 2004: 6:15 PM-10:30 PM

Ballroom A (Salt Palace L-1)

Symposium: IOBC Symposium and Reception - Emerging Issues in the Biological Control of Aphids

Organizer(s): Nick Mills, nmills@nature.berkeley.edu
6:15 PMIOBC-NRS Business Meeting
6:45 PMPresentation of Distinguished Scientist Award
7:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
7:05 PM0850Parasitoid nectar provision hypothesis: Story of Diadegma insulare in floral habitats
Jana Lee, leex1228@umn.edu, George E. Heimpel, heimp001@umn.edu
7:20 PM0851Classical biological control of aphids: Lessons from programs against the brown citrus aphid and the Russian wheat aphid  [ Recorded presentation ]
JP. Michaud, jpmi@ksu.edu
7:40 PM0852Biological control of soybean aphid: Aiming for a balanced approach  [ Recorded presentation ]
George E. Heimpel, heimp001@umn.edu
8:00 PM0853The role of biodiversity in pea aphid biological control
Anthony R. Ives, arives@facstaff.wisc.edu, Kelley Tilmon, kjtilmon@wisc.edu, Brad Cardinale, kjtilmon@wisc.edu, Chad Harvey, kjtilmon@wisc.edu, Andy Forbes, kjtilmon@wisc.edu
8:20 PM0854Intraguild predation and use of generalist predators in cotton aphid biological control  [ Recorded presentation ]
Jay A. Rosenheim, jarosenheim@ucdavis.edu
8:40 PM0855Variations on a theme of aphidophagy: Ladybirds in Utah alfalfa
Edward Evans, ewevans@biology.usu.edu
9:00 PMMixer

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