Tuesday, 16 November 2004: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

251 F (Salt Palace L-2)

Symposium: Current Advances in Development of Non-target Insect Testing in Bt Crops

Organizer(s): Robyn Rose, robyn.i.rose@aphis.usda.gov
Galen Dively, gd7@umail.umd.edu
1:00 PM0737Introduction to symposium and USDA-APHIS biotechnology regulatory services  [ Recorded presentation ]
Robyn Rose, robyn.i.rose@aphis.usda.gov
1:10 PM0738The role and design of laboratory studies in assessing the impact of GM crops on NTOs  [ Recorded presentation ]
Graham P. Head, graham.p.head@monsanto.com
1:30 PM0739Test method for use of artificial diets incorporating a test substance to evaluate toxicity to non-target organisms  [ Recorded presentation ]
Debra Teixeira, dteixeira@springbornsmithers.com
1:50 PM0740Effects on monarch butterfly larvae after continuous exposure to Cry1Ab-expressing corn pollen during anthesis  [ Recorded presentation ]
Mark Sears, msears@evb.uoguelph.ca, Galen P. Dively, gd7@umail.umd.edu, Robyn I Rose, robyn.i.rose@aphis.usda.gov, Richard L. Hellmich, rlhellmi@iastate.edu, Diane Stanley-Horne, Dennis Calvin, dcalvin@psu.edu, Joseph Russo
2:10 PM0741Protocols to assess direct and indirect effects of Bt pollen on honey bees  [ Recorded presentation ]
Robyn I Rose, robyn.i.rose@aphis.usda.gov, Galen Dively, gd7@umail.umd.edu, Jeff Pettis, pettisj@ba.ars.usda.gov
2:30 PM0742The effect of agriculture on insect biodiversity
Yves Carrière, ycarrier@ag.arizona.edu, Manda Cattaneo
2:50 PM0743Quantifying a cornfield cascade: Bt-corn, seed predators, and weed suppression  [ Recorded presentation ]
Antonio DiTommaso, ad97@cornell.edu, John E. Losey, jel27@cornell.edu
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PM0744Protocols for field evaluation of non-target organisms in Bt crops
Jarrad Prasifka, prasifka@iastate.edu, Richard L. Hellmich, rlhellmi@iastate.edu
3:40 PM0745Approaches for analyzing combined non-target data sets to increase statistical power  [ Recorded presentation ]
Galen P. Dively, gd7@umail.umd.edu
4:00 PM0746Evaluating population and community recovery of invertebrates in Bt crops  [ Recorded presentation ]
Paul Jepson, jepsonp@science.oregonstate.edu
4:20 PM0747Selecting species for non-target risk assessment in an international context  [ Recorded presentation ]
D. A. Andow, dandow@umn.edu, Angelika Hilbeck
4:40 PM0748Non-target insect testing within a risk assessment framework  [ Recorded presentation ]
Jefferey Wolt, jwolt@iastate.edu

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