Sunday, 14 November 2004: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

151 A-C (Salt Palace L-1)

Symposium: Orthopterists' Society Symposium -- Future of Orthopteran Science

Organizer(s): Hojun Song,
Gregory A. Sword,
1:00 PMWelcoming Remarks
1:25 PM0153Multiple ears in grasshoppers: A model for the evolutionary analysis of hearing
Moira J. Van Staaden,
1:45 PM0154Evolution of insect genitalia: The case in Orthoptera
Hojun Song,
2:25 PM0156The phylogeny of Mantodea: Pra/eying without repentance
Gavin Svenson,
2:45 PMBreak
2:55 PM0157Sexual selection and sexual differences in ensiferan Orthoptera
Darryl T. Gwynne,
3:15 PM0158Ecological physiology of Melanoplus sanguinipes: Comparative studies of high- and mid-latitude populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
Dennis Fielding,
3:35 PM0159Host plant-associated genetic differentiation in the snakeweed grasshopper, Hesperotettix viridis (Thomas)
Mojamed Abdallahi Ould Babah, Gregory A. Sword,
3:55 PM0160Host-plant adaptation and speciation in Timema walking-stick insects  [ Recorded presentation ]
Patrik Nosil,, Bernard J. Crespi,, C.P. Sandoval
4:15 PM0161Testing speciation hypotheses with genomic analyses in montane Melanoplus grasshoppers
L. Lacey Knowles,
4:35 PM0162Differentiation among montane grasshoppers and the role of biogeographic barriers
Tamara Convertino,

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