Wednesday, 17 November 2004: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

251 A (Salt Palace L-2)

Symposium: Medical Entomology Research in the U.S. Military

Organizer(s): Sharon L. Spradling,
Michael Zyzak,
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:10 AM0948Deployed war fighter protection research program  [ Recorded presentation ]
Richard Johnson,
8:30 AM0949Army entomology: Strength in numbers  [ Recorded presentation ]
Stephen Berte,
8:50 AM0950Sand fly research at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
Russell Coleman,
9:10 AM0951Leishmaniasis control in Iraq: Trials with deltamethrin-treated cloth  [ Recorded presentation ]
John Putnam,
9:30 AMBreak
9:50 AM0952Underway in the Amazon: Vector research at the Naval Medical Research Center Detachment, Peru
Jeff Stancil,
10:10 AM0953Aerial spray research in the Department of Defense  [ Recorded presentation ]
Karl Haagsma,
10:30 AM0954Entomological research at the Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 in Cairo, Egypt  [ Recorded presentation ]
Dan Szumlas,
10:50 AM0955Remotely piloted vehicles: Potential public health vector control assets  [ Recorded presentation ]
Eric Hoffman,, Todd Walker

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