Monday, 15 November 2004: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Ballroom B (Salt Palace L-1)

Program Symposium: The Malaria-fighting Mosquito: Challenges and Progress in the Most Daring Undertaking in Fifty Years of Genetic Vector Control

Organizer(s): Frédéric Tripet,
Greg Lanzaro,
1:00 PMWelcoming Remarks
1:05 PM0379History of genetic approaches for vector control  [ Recorded presentation ]
Dave Dame,
1:35 PM0380The Anopheles gambiae genome project
Matthew W Hahn,
2:05 PM0381Identification of critical genes using microarrays
George Dimopoulos,
2:35 PMBreak
2:50 PM0382Anopheles gambiae population genetics
Michel Slotman,, G.C. Lanzaro,
3:20 PM0383Genetic drive systems for spreading genes across populations
Peter Atkinson,, P. Arensburger, Y.-J Kim, C. Aluvihare, J. Orsetti, D.A. O’Brochta
3:50 PM0384Behavioral ecological aspects of mosquito releases
Frédéric Tripet,
4:20 PMDiscussion

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