Monday, 15 November 2004

Ecological impact of different tillage and Roundup-ready cropping practices on arthropod populations

Michal Roberts, and G. E. Wilde, Kansas State University, Department of Entomology, Manhattan, KS

The effects of different tillage and herbicide practices on arthropod populations occurring on various field crops and the possible effects of Roundup Ready crops (RRs) on target and nontarget organisms are an area receiving widespread interest and concern. Research has shown different tillage practices can influence arthropod populations. RRs may indirectly impact arthropod populations by affecting various organisms that make up the food chain in an agroecosystem. The indirect effect of different weeds may also affect the pest and beneficial arthropods occurring in these systems. All of these factors need to be studied in detail in order to ascertain the overall total effect of a particular management system. In general, preliminary results suggest there were no significant differences among arthropod populations under different tillage and RR practices.

Keywords: Roundup-ready

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