Monday, 15 November 2004

Effects of Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominalis Sasaki on foraged wheat in Oklahoma

Matthew Rawlings, mrawlin@okstate.edu1, Kristopher L. Giles, kgiles@okstate.edu1, Dean Kindler, sdkindler@pswcrl.ars.usda.gov2, Norman C Elliott, norman.elliott@ars.usda.gov2, and Robert Hunger, rmh@okstate.edu1. (1) Oklahoma State University, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Stillwater, OK, (2) USDA-ARS, PSWCRL, Stillwater, OK

Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominalis Sasaki (rice root aphid) has recently been found feeding on wheat in Oklahoma. This aphid has frequently been misidentified as Rhopalosiphum padi and subsequent observations suggest it may be a more serious pest than previously believed. This study was conducted to determine effects of rice root aphid on six wheat cultivars (Jagger, OK 101, OK 102, TAM 105, TAM 107 and TAM 110) commonly grown in Oklahoma. Impacts of R. rufiabdominalis on wheat forage and cattle production systems are discussed.

Species 1: Homoptera Aphididae Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominalis (rice root aphid)
Species 2: Homoptera Aphididae Rhopalosiphum padi (bird cherry oat aphid)
Keywords: nutritional value, misidentified species

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