Monday, 15 November 2004 - 10:54 AM

Role of bacteria in mediating oviposition response and larval development of Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae)

Alvaro Romero,, Alberto Broce,, and Ludek Zurek, Kansas State University, Department of Entomology, 123 West Waters Hall, Manhattan, KS

Significance of bacteria for the development of stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans, larvae has been previously demonstrated. However, it is not known whether bacterial communities in stable fly (SF) developmental habitats play a role in SF oviposition behavior. The objective of this study was to evaluate the oviposition responses of SF to bacteria isolated from their natural larval developmental habitats. Results of choice bioassays demonstrated that a natural larval substrate (mixture of old cattle manure, hay, and soil) elicited significantly higher SF oviposition (greater number of eggs laid) than a sterilized (autoclaved) substrate. The autoclaved substrate inoculated with individual bacterial isolates, including Salmonella arizonae, Citrobacter freundii, Serratia fanticola, Enterococcus faecium AR-1 and E. faecium AR-2, elicited significantly greater oviposition responses than the sterile substrate. Salmonella arizonae inoculation stimulated SF to the greatest oviposition, similar to that of the natural larval substrate. These results indicate that bacterial communities in larval habitats play an important role in oviposition behavior of SF females. Further experiments focused on testing other bacterial isolates (and their combinations) as well as on determining the larval development in autoclaved natural substrates inoculated with individual bacterial isolates are currently in progress.

Species 1: Diptera Muscidae Stomoxys calcitrans (Stable fly, Dog fly)
Keywords: Oviposition behavior, Bacteria

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