Monday, 15 November 2004 - 2:24 PM

Potential imported fire ant quarantine dips for balled and burlapped plants with consideration for Japanese beetle grubs

Shannon S. James, shannon.s.james@aphis.usda.gov1, Jason B. Oliver, joliver@tnstate.edu2, Anne-Marie Callcott, Anne-Marie.A.Callcott@aphis.usda.gov1, Michael Klein, klein.10@osu.edu3, James Moyseenko3, and Nadeer N. Youssef, nyoussef@blomand.net2. (1) USDA, APHIS, PPQ, CPHST, Soil Inhabiting Pests Laboratory, 3505 25th Ave, Gulfport, MS, (2) Tennessee State University, Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, TSU Nursery Research Center, 472 Cadillac Lane, McMinnville, TN, (3) The Ohio State University, USDA-ARS, 1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, OH

The Federal Imported Fire Ant Quarantine Program (7 Code of Federal Regulations 301.81) states that all nursery stock leaving a quarantined area must be treated in a prescribed manner. Currently, treatments for harvested balled and burlapped (B&B) plants include immersion in a chlorpyrifos solution or twice daily drenches for three consecutive days with a chlorpyrifos solution. Restrictions on chlorpyrifos use patterns within the past several years may foreshadow loss for B&B uses; furthermore, producers of B&B frequently must treat stock for multiple quarantined pest species prior to shipment. Thus, a cooperative research effort to screen other liquid insecticides for inclusion in IFA quarantine treatments for B&B, with special deference to products effective for Japanese beetle, was initiated between the USDA APHIS Soil Inhabiting Pests Laboratory and the Tennessee State University Nursery Crop Research Station. Root ball immersion bioassay trials conducted over the past three years indicate several chemicals at multiple rates which show promise for addition to the IFA quarantine treatments.

Species 1: Hymenoptera Formicidae Solenopsis invicta (red imported fire ant)
Species 2: Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Popillia japonica (Japanese beetle)
Keywords: quarantine treatments, nursery IPM

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