Sunday, 14 November 2004 - 9:48 AM

Insects that occur on vegetables grown near drains in Accra, Ghana

Yaw Adu Frimpong,, University Of Ghana, Zoology Department, P.O. Box Lg 67, Legon-Accra, Accra, Ghana

This study report on a survey of insects that are associated with vegetables grown near drains in the South Airport Residential Area Of Accra.These insects are examind and analysed in terms of their beneficial or destructive potentials to the plant involved.A total eight {8} species of vegetables were selected for the study.These included the genera Brassica,Lycopersicum,Solanum,Capsicus,Hibiscus and Corchorus.The insect species were found to number twenty[20]in all.These group into five [5]orders.Only four[4]families and three orders of the insect were determind by the investigations to be of benefit to the vegetables.The benefit was in the form of their serving as predators on organisms that were destructive of the vegetables.The greater amount of the insect species that inhabited the environment of the gardens and farms near the drains were found to cause varying degrees of destruction to the growth and proper development of the vegetables.

Species 1: General General General General
Keywords: Insects and vegetables

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