Monday, 15 November 2004 - 9:18 AM

Estimates of ensign wasp (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae) relationships and divergence times

Andrew R. Deans, and J. B. Whitfield, University of Illinois, Entomology, 320 Morrill Hall, 505 S. Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL

Ensign wasps (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae) develop as solitary egg predators within the oothecae of cockroaches. This interesting family encompasses 20 genera and more than 450 described species, but they have long been neglected taxonomically. We estmated relationships between genera based on both morphological and molecular data - using parsimony (PAUP*) and likelihood (MrBayes) methods - in order to update generic taxonomy and explore the evolution of certain traits. We also estimated the divergence times of major clades (using r8s, etc.) in an effort to answer evolutionary questions regarding oviposition behavior and host biology.

Species 1: Hymenoptera Evaniidae (ensign wasps, hatchet wasps)
Keywords: Evanioidea, systematics

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