Wednesday, 29 October 2003: 7:00 AM-3:00 PM

Hall B (Convention Center (First Floor))

Display Presentations, Section Ca. Biological Control

D0501Susceptibility of plum curculio (Conotrachelus nenuphar) to two entomopathogenic nematodes in lab and field bioassays
Diane Alston, Lawrence Lacey
D0502Horn fly Haematobia irritans (L.) parasitoids in cattle in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico
Juan F. Luna-Salas, Alferdo Garza Montelongo, Sóstenes E. Varela-Fuentes
D0503Study of semiochemicals from glassy-winged sharpshooter egg masses to attract egg parasitoids
Xiaodun He, Walker A. Jones
D0504Stink bug egg mortality in cotton and wild vegetation, and the influence of herbivore-induced plant volatiles
Sandra C. Castle, Livy Williams, Alison A. Faulkner, David L. Rice, Su Zhu
D0505Suitability of the New World stalkborer Diatraea considerata for three Old World Cotesia parasitoids
Robert N. Wiedenmann, J. W. Smith, Luis A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque
D0506Biological control of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, by the parasitic wasp, Trichogramma ostriniae, in bell peppers
Karen Friley, Ric Bessin, Brent Rowell
D0507Acceptability and suitability of eggs from irradiated false codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) as hosts for Trichogrammatoidea cryptophlebiae (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
James E. Carpenter, Stephanie Bloem, J. Hendrik Hofmeyr
D0508Radiation biology and inherited sterility in false codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae): Implications for developing control tactics
Stephanie Bloem, James E. Carpenter, J. Hendrik Hofmeyr
D0509Effect of crop and landscape diversity on parasitoids of Russian wheat aphid
Takuji Noma, Michael J. Brewer
D0510Geographic information systems (GIS) approach for monitoring and evaluation of endoparasitic (phorid fly - Pseudacteon spp.) biological control agent releases and spread in imported fire ant Solenopsis spp. populations
Ronald D. Weeks, Anne-Marie A. Callcott
D0511Imported fire ant: An integrated pest management approach
David F. Williams, David H. Oi, Roberto M. Pereira, Sanford D. Porter, Mac Horton, Tim Davis, Alison H. Hyder, Shelvin Boykin, Herbert T. Bolton, Brian C. Zeichner, Alfred S. Hock, Malcolm Boswell, Glenn Williams
D0512IPM-compatibility of insecticides for citrus: Indices derived from toxicity to four orders of beneficial insects
J.P. Michaud, Angela K. Grant
D0513Sub-lethal effects of a copper sulfate fungicide on development and reproduction in three coccinellid species
J.P. Michaud, Angela K. Grant
D0514Coenosia attenuata: an Old World predator newly discovered in North American greenhouses
Emily J. Sensenbach, Stephen Wraight, John P. Sanderson, E. Richard Hoebeke
D0515Selected life history traits of Podisus maculiventris (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) provided different prey species
Jesusa Legaspi, Jeffrey Shapiro
D0516Corn plants near discrete habitat refugia (small straw piles) in conventionally-tilled fields show increased growth, yield, and reduced insect damage
Alan B. Cady, Jon Tyson
D0517Establishment and control success of Aphthona lacertosa and A. nigriscutis (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) introduced to control leafy spurge, Euphorbia esula L., in Minnesota
Luke Skinner, David W. Ragsdale, Roger Becker, Monika Chandler
D0518Psylliodes species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) as candidates for biological control of yellow starthistle Centaurea solstitialis
Alexander S. Konstantinov, Margarita Yu. Dolgovskaya, Sergey Ya. Reznik, Mark G. Volkovitsh, Massimo Cristofaro, Carlo Tronci, Francesca Lecce, Francesca Di Cristina
D0519Host specificity of different populations of the leaf beetle, Diorhabda elongata, a biological control agent of saltcedar (Tamarix spp.)
Lindsey R. Milbrath, John C. Herr, David Laclergue, C. Jack DeLoach, Raymond I. Carruthers, Daniel W. Bean

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