Tuesday, 28 October 2003: 6:30 PM-10:00 PM

232-242 (Convention Center (Second Floor))

Symposium: IOBC Symposium and Reception--Landscape Structure, Non-Crop Habitat, and Biological Control

Moderator(s): Nick Mills
Organizer(s): Nick Mills
6:30 PMIOBC-NRS Business Meeting
6:50 PMPresentation of Distinguished Scientist Award
7:00 PMIntroductory Remarks, Presentation of Student Award
7:05 PM0769Pollen feeding by the predator Coleomegilla maculata and transgenic insecticidal corn
Jonathan Lundgren
7:17 PM0770The influence of landscape structure and farm management on biological control of aphids in cereals
Barbara Ekbom
7:37 PM0771Influence of aphids, habitat, and landscape extent on coccinellid populations
Norman C. Elliott
7:57 PM0772Parasitoid communities and impacts in agricultural landscapes
Douglas Landis
8:17 PM0773Herbaceous crop fields, non-crop habitats, and invertebrate weed seed predation
Fabian D. Menalled, Douglas Landis
8:37 PM0774Landscape effects: Predation of leafrollers in pear orchards in California
Nick Mills
8:57 PMMixer

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