Monday, 27 October 2003: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

235/236 (Convention Center (Second Floor))

Symposium: Conservation of Aquatic Insects--Research and Society

Organizer(s): William Lamp
John Wallace
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:10 AM0250Invertebrate consumers and decomposition in streams: Relating the conservation of riparian tree diversity to in-stream consumer-resource dynamics
Chris Swan, Margaret Palmer
8:30 AM0251Water beetle assemblages in lakes recovering from acidification
Yves Alarie, Shelly Arnott
8:50 AM0252A case study of constructed vernal pools for insect conservation in Northeastern Ohio
Joe Keiper, Elizabeth Turnell
9:10 AM0253Longitudinal profiling of headwater stream ecosystems to ascertain diversity, longevity, functionality, and ubiquity of their aquatic insect communities
Ben M. Stout III
9:30 AMBreak
9:45 AM0254How many streams are needed to maintain aquatic insect diversity? Lessons from molecular stream ecology
Laurie C. Alexander, William Lamp
10:05 AM0255Imperiled aquatic insects: A historical perspective from museum data
R. Edward DeWalt
10:25 AM0256Damsels still in distress: A ten year retrospective on the conservation of endemic Hawaiian Megalagrion damselflies
Dan Polhemus
10:45 AM0257The role of macroinvertebrates in the development of an aquatic community classification for Pennsylvania
Emily Bond, Betsy Nightingale
11:05 AMConcluding Remarks
Display Presentation
D0001Invertebrates from Singer Lake Preserve, a high quality bog-marsh complex
Stephanie B. Gall, M. Stanczak, Joe Keiper
D0002Status of the clubtail dragonflies of the Potomac River
Richard Orr
D0003Preliminary report on the Odonate diversity of prairie pothole habitats in the Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge
Tom D. Schultz
D0004Rare or little known mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of New England and Atlantic Canada: Status and assessment of conservation needs
Steven K. Burian
D0005Conservation of macroinvertebrate structure and function: A comparison of forested and agricultural coastal plain streams
Nick Baer, William Lamp
D0006Torrenticolous Diptera endemic to Hawaiian mountain streams: Effects of stream flow reduction
M. Eric Benbow, Albert J. Burky, Carl M. Way, Mollie D. McIntosh, Richard W. Merritt
D0007Stream restoration on the small scale: Impacts on macroinvertebrate and fish communities before/after rehabilitation
Jennifer Davis, John R. Wallace
D0008Aquatic insects of desert springs: Uncharted waters
Marilyn Myers

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