Sunday, 26 October 2003: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

231-243 (Convention Center (Second Floor))

Symposium: Alternative Management Practices for Turf and Ornamental Pests II

Organizer(s): Karen Novosel
Paul Weston
1:00 PM0098Compatibility of natural enemies and pesticides
Raymond Cloyd, Katharina Rothwangl, Robert N. Wiedenmann
1:12 PM0099Can we alter cultural practices to suppress black vine weevil populations?
Kreshnik Bejleri, Paula M. Shrewsbury, Mike Raupp, John Lea-Cox
1:24 PM0100Habitat manipulation: An alternative approach to suppress pests in nurseries
Rebeccah Waterworth, Paula M. Shrewsbury, Stanton Gill, Colin Stewart
1:36 PM0101Can we suppress turfgrass pests using conservation biological control?
Steve Frank, Paula M. Shrewsbury
1:48 PM0102Movement of black vine weevil in ornamental nurseries
Mike Reding, Michael Klein
2:00 PM0103Botanical extracts and other organic compounds as potential Japanese beetle repellants
Nadeer N. Youssef, Jason B. Oliver, Michael Klein, James Moyseenko
2:12 PM0104The effect of insecticides on Steinernema scaptersici survival and infectivity
Kathryn Barbara, Eileen Buss
2:24 PM0105Assessment of IPM adoption in the Florida turfgrass industry
Eileen Buss
2:36 PM0106Efficacy and compatibility of Beauveria bassiana strain 2301 within insect IPM in ornamental crops
Carlos Bográn, Kevin Heinz
2:48 PM0107Effects of floral resource plants on the population dynamics of euonymus scale
E.J. Rebek, Cliff Sadof, L. M. Hanks
3:00 PMBreak
3:10 PM0108Landscape maintenance practices influence fire ant establishment
James Reinert, M. C. Engelke, James C. Read, W. A. Mackay
3:22 PM0109Non-target effects of Meridian and other turf insecticide applications
Dan Digman, Dave Shetlar
3:34 PM0110Management of the turfgrass ant, Lasius neoniger, in Ohio
Dave Shetlar
3:46 PM0111Management of black vine weevil in nurseries and potted plants with entomopathogenic nematodes
Kevin Powers, Parwinder Grewal, Michael Klein
3:58 PM0112Parasitoids of turf-infesting caterpillars on central Kentucky golf courses
Callie Prater, Daniel A. Potter
4:10 PM0113Alternative, non-pesticide control of gypsy moth egg masses
Chris Williamson
4:22 PM0114Biology and management of turfgrass ants
Reid M. Maier, Daniel A. Potter
4:34 PM0115Impact of endophytes on white grub populations
Richard Cowles, Albrecht Koppenhöfer
4:46 PM0116Phenology and control of European chafer
Stan Swier
4:58 PMBusiness Meeting

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