Sunday, 17 November 2002: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Room 113 (Convention Center, Ground Level)

Bright Future or Glorious Past?

Moderator(s): Gary Bernon
Thomas Shanower
1:00 PMWelcoming Remarks
1:05 PM0179The significance of partnerships between the United States and South Africa: biological weed control
Helmuth Zimmermann
1:25 PM0180Role of biological control in Anoplophora spp. management (Asian longhorned beetles): effects of program goals and population characteristics
David R. Lance
1:45 PM0181Papaya mealybug biocontrol - offshore successes safeguard against U.S. invasions
William C. Kauffman, Dale E. Meyerdirk, Ralph D. Stoaks
2:05 PM0182Olive fruit fly: revisiting classical biological control of an ancient pest
Kim Hoelmer, William G. Meikle, Alan Kirk
2:25 PMBreak
2:40 PM0183Intersecting food security and biotechnology: New international pest management needs and opportunities
John S. Yaninek, Robert J. O'Neil
3:00 PM0184International cooperation and conflict in the regulation of biological control agents
Robert Flanders, Tracy Horner
3:20 PM0185International cooperation in biological control: USDA-ARS overseas biological control laboratories
P. Charles Quimby, John A. Goolsby, Hugo Cordo, Hongyin Chen, Richard Greene
3:40 PMBusiness Meeting - International Affairs Committee

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition