Sunday, 17 November 2002: 12:45 PM-5:00 PM

Room 114 (Convention Center, Ground Level)

Molecular Systematics and Evolution of the Acari

Moderator(s): H. Joel Hutcheson
Douglas E. Norris
12:45 PMWelcoming Remarks
12:50 PM0186Is phoresy a stepping stone to parasitism? Examples from Basal Mesostigmata
Hans Klompen
1:15 PM0187Population genetics of Ixodes scapularis using multiple molecular markers
Douglas E. Norris, Aimee J. West, Timothy R. Schwartz
1:40 PM0188Phylogenetics and historical ecology of the Dermanyssoidea
Ashley P.G. Dowling
2:05 PM0189Phylogenetic relationships of ticks in the genus Ixodes, based on mitochondrial and nuclear protein-encoding genes
Quentin Q. Fang, Gang Xu, James E. Keirans, Lance A. Durden
2:30 PMBreak
2:45 PM0190Amblyomminae: A reassessment of systematic relationships, based on molecular and morphological data
Lorenza Beati, James E. Keirans
3:10 PM0191Tools and concepts for mite molecular systematics
Maria Navajas
3:35 PM0192Molecular genetic-based phylogenies of prostriate ticks: A beginning
H. Joel Hutcheson
4:00 PMASA Business Meeting

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition