Tuesday, 19 November 2002: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Room 304 (Convention Center, Third Floor)

Recent Advances in Bark Beetle-Fungal Interactions

Moderator(s): Barbara J. Bentz
Diana L. Six
1:00 PM0760Biology and ecology of southern mycangial beetles and their fungi
Kier Klepzig, Richard Hofstetter, Matthew P. Ayres, John Moser
1:20 PM0761What is new about staining fungi carried by insect pests of trees and logs in Canada
Colette Breuil, Adnan Uzonovic
1:40 PM0762Role of fungal associates in host location by bark beetle parasitoids - mechanisms and chemistry
Brian Sullivan, C. Wayne Berisford
2:00 PM0763One hundred undescribed yeasts from the guts of beetles
Meridith Blackwell, Sung-Oui Suh, Joseph V. McHugh
2:20 PM0764The role of fungal-mite interactions in outbreak dynamics of Dendroctonus mexicanus and D. frontalis
Richard Hofstetter, John Moser, Kier Klepzig, Bobbie Fitzgibbon, Matthew P. Ayres
2:40 PMBreak
3:00 PM0765Impacts of exotic forest pathogens on interactions among bark beetles and their hosts
Andrew J. Storer, David L. Wood, Thomas R. Gordon
3:20 PM0766Effects of fungal associates on development and cold hardening of the mountain pine beetle and spruce beetle
Kimberly F. Wallin, Kathy Blieker, Barbara Bentz, Diana Six
3:40 PM0767Role of fungi in host location by bark beetle parasitoids-ecological and evolutionary considerations
Aaron Adams, Donald L. Dahlsten, Kenneth F. Raffa, Diana Six, Celia Boone
4:00 PM0768Geographic and seasonal variation in fungal associates of bark beetles
Diana Six, Barbara Bentz

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition