Tuesday, 19 November 2002

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The Food Insect Newsletter: Second decade and second wind

Florence V. Dunkel1, Mark Rehder1, and Gene Defoliart2. (1) Montana State University-Bozeman, Entomology, 333 Leon Johnson Hall, Bozeman, Montana, (2) University of Wisconsin, Entomology, 545 Russell Laboratories, Madison, Wisconsin

 Since conception in 1987 by Dr. Gene DeFoliart, Entomology University of Wisconsin, Newsletter editors produced 34 issues, 376 pages total. The first issue, a 7 page free publication, was sent free July 1988 to 112 interested persons, mainly USA scientists. In 1991, the Newsletter became 12 pages. The federal grant enabling DeFoliart to initiate the Newsletter ended and a plea was made for contributions to support continued publication. A subscription fee began in 1994. By 1995, the Newsletter was sent to 1600 persons. In 1995, Dr. Dunkel, Entomology, Montana State University, accepted full responsibility for the Newsletter and appointed Robert Diggs, full-time instructor, College of Business, Montana State University-Bozeman, as Associate Editor. In 1997, the Newsletter was sent to 897 paid and complimentary (Peace Corps Volunteers, libraries, developing country scientists) subscribers. In 2001, guest editor, Mark Rehder, strategic planner / organic farmer was added. Currently 80 foreign countries, all 50 states of the USA have subscribers. During its first decade, the Newsletter chronicled steadily rising interest in entomophagy in European-derived cultures. Evidence was increase of community-initiated, museum-based, festivals involving thousands of youth. Largest such example focuses entirely on food insects,the Insectarium initiated 1992 in Montreal, Canada serving insects to 20,000 visitors annually. Many other insectariums/insect zoos now include food insect festivals as part of their multifaceted “insect appreciation” community outreach.

Species 1: Orthoptera
Species 2: Lepidoptera
Species 3: Coleoptera
Keywords: entomophagy, outreach

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