Wednesday, 20 November 2002

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Biodiversity and community structure of springtails (Collembola) in transgenic rootworm-resistant Bt corn

Royce J. Bitzer1, Marlin E. Rice1, and Wai-Ki Frankie Lam2. (1) Iowa State University, Department of Entomology, Ames, IA, (2) Purdue University, Department of Entomology, Southwest Purdue Agricultural Program, 4369 North Purdue Road, Vincennes, IN

Springtails, which range from 0.3 7.0 mm in length, are an integral and beneficial part of the soil community, with different species being active at various points in the process of decomposing organic matter to humus. We evaluated both the abundance of individual springtail species and the diversity of the springtail community during 2000-2002 in rootworm-resistant Bt corn (Cry 3 Bb) field trials at Monmouth, IL and Ames, IA. Springtails were collected from both pitfall traps and soil core samples from plots planted with Bt corn and a non-Bt isoline variety. Soil insecticide subtreatments were also included within either the isoline plots (Ames) or within both Bt and non-Bt plots (Monmouth). We will be presenting the results and conclusions of this study.

Keywords: transgenic, mesofauna

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