Tuesday, 19 November 2002

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Dolichothrips indicus (Hood) (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae), a recent U.S. immigrant species to Florida--Its identification, likely potential U.S. range, and economic impact

Susan Broda, Identifier Specialist, USDA, APHIS, PPQ, Identifier Specialist, 2200 Broening Highway, Suite 140, Baltimore, MD

ABSTRACT: An adult female of Dolichothrips indicus (Hood) has officially been confirmed from a survey of a botanical garden in Largo, Florida. This is the first record of this species present in the USA. This was initially described as a new species from Southern India by J.D. Hood in 1919, and as late as 1980 (by other authors) from various locations in Southern India. Recently however, it has been shown to have spread to the New World tropics, including Trinidad, Puerto Rico, and now most recently, to Florida. Examination of USDA,APHIS,PPQ quarantine records reveals an ever-expanding number of US ports and hosts from which this species is being intercepted. An identification guide and economic impact summary are included.

Species 1: Thysanoptera Phlaeothripidae Dolichothrips indicus (Hood)
Keywords: thrips, exotic species

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