Wednesday, 20 November 2002 - 8:48 AM

This presentation is part of : Apiculture and Social Insects (Ants et al.)

Life and death in the desert: demography of Pogonomyrmex occidentalis

Blaine J. Cole and Diane C. Wiernasz. University of Houston, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, Houston, TX

We present data concerning the demography of a population of the western harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex occidentalis based on ten years of study. The database consists of approximately 3500 colonies. We will show information about the mortality of approximately 2000 colonies, recruitment of new colonies into the population, movement of colonies, growth and reproduction of colonies. This information allows us to calculate the life table for the population and to estimate population growth parameters.

Species 1: Hymenoptera Formicidae Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (Western harvester ant)
Keywords: mortality, life table

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