Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 8:12 AM

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Rearing Orius laevigatus on a synthetic diet: nutritional aspects

Yves Arijs and Patrick De Clercq. Ghent University, Department of Crop Protection, Laboratory of Agrozoology, Coupure Links 653, Ghent, Belgium

A synthetic diet for the generalist predator, Orius laevigatus (Fieber) was designed based on an analytical, gradual and rational approach. The diet was formulated by copying the nutritional composition of Ephestia kuehniella eggs, which are optimal food for rearing the predator. Mixes of selected proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and salts were formulated taking into account the need for an appropriate diet texture. Estimation of the quality of in vitro produced insects was performed by using biological as well as physiological parameters. Developmental and reproductive parameters on the synthetic diet were similar or only slightly inferior to those of predators fed Ephestia eggs or formerly developed liver and meat diets. The study also reports how different ingredients or changes in the levels of major nutrients in the diet affected the developmental parameters of the predator, indicating its nutritional needs. The potential of this diet for the mass production of O. laevigatus and other predators is discussed.

Species 1: Heteroptera Anthocoridae Orius Orius laevigatus (minute pirate bug)
Keywords: artificial diet

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