Wednesday, 20 November 2002

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More trouble for grasshopper molecular systematics: Intra-individual variation in both mitochondrial and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences

Gregory A. Sword and Laura B. Senior. United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory, 1500 N. Central Ave, Sidney, MT

Numerous insect studies have utilized 12s and 16s ribosomal subunit mtDNA as well as nuclear ribosomal ITS sequences to resolve relationships in population-level phylogenetic analyses. Here we show that PCR amplification of both of these regions from whole genomic DNA of the snakeweed grasshopper, Hesperotettix viridis (Orthoptera: Acrididae) can result in mixed PCR products. This finding violates an important assumption underlying the use of PCR in systematic analyses; namely, that PCR products from a single reaction are homogeneous and represent a single gene segment. The intra-individual heterogeneity detected in this study can hinder the use of 12s and 16s mtDNA as well as the nuclear ITS regions as markers in phylogeographic analyses.

Species 1: Orthoptera Acrididae Hesperotettix viridis (snakeweed grasshopper)
Keywords: phylogeography, orthology

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