Tuesday, 19 November 2002

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Pesticide laboratory technical support and safety education in Mali

Patricia Ann Hipkins, Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs, Department of Entomology, 139 Smyth Hall, Blacksburg, VA, Jean M. Cobb, Virginia Tech, Pesticide Residue Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry, 352 Litton Reaves, Blacksburg, VA, D. E. Mullins, Virginia Tech, Entomology, Price Hall, Blacksburg, VA, and Keith M. Moore, Virginia Tech, Office of International Research and Development, 1060 Litton Reaves, Blacksburg, VA.

A USAID-funded program to establish an Environmental Quality Laboratory (EQL) in Mali was initiated in 1994. The EQL lab mandates include both analyzing pesticide residues in crops conducting environmental monitoring. In 1999, a collaborative program with Virginia Tech was initiated to support and extend the capabilities of the laboratory, and also to provide pesticide applicator safety training to growers. Progress on extending the capabilities of the EQL includes development of new analytical procedures, and training on instrument maintenance and repair. Pesticide training materials were developed and delivered to individuals who work directly with growers. In addition, information on pesticide availability in the market place and water quality was obtained for use in improving the safety and efficacy of pesticide applications on horticultural crops.

Keywords: pesticide residues, pesticide training

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