Tuesday, 19 November 2002

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The New Jersey information network for pesticides and alternative strategies

Patricia D. Hastings and George C Hamilton. Rutgers University, Pest Management Office, 93 Lipman Drive, New Brunswick, NJ

In 2001, the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Pest Management Office inaugurated the New Jersey Information Network for Pesticides & Alternative Strategies (NJinPAS) to provide structure to the gathering and transmission of information on issues relevant to both current and transitional pest management strategies. This first required the creation of a preliminary database of NJinPAS stakeholders that included growers, crop consultants, pesticide users, public interest groups, environmental groups, and Extension faculty and staff. NJinPAS consequently formed an Advisory Committee comprised of select stakeholders representing a diversity of perspectives and technical expertise. To facilitate communication, NJinPAS implemented and maintains an email listserv infrastructure for all stakeholders that provides expedited delivery of pesticide notices, compliance advisories, and requests for comment. Specifically, NJinPAS makes available eight topical listservs for open enrollment: NJinPAS Network; School IPM; Interiors and Institutions; Mosquito; Vegetable; Field and Forage Crops, Fruit; and Turf, Ornamentals, Greenhouse, and Nursery. To facilitate accessibility to pesticide information, NJinPAS created a website designed to catalog listserv postings, crop profiles, pesticide use surveys, pest management strategy plans, and pesticide registration exemptions. In 2001, NJinPAS compiled pesticide use survey results for use in the preparation of crop profiles and pest management strategy plans (PMSPs). Using these data, a crop profile for apples was completed to assess impacts of changes in pesticide regulations on agricultural productivity in New Jersey. In addition, a NJinPAS workgroup is using these data to draft a Pest Management Strategy Plan for New Jersey peaches.

Keywords: email listserv, website

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