Tuesday, 19 November 2002

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Insect-related data at Chemical Abstracts Service: Searching and retrieving information from the CAS databases

Andrey Sharkov, Biochemistry Department, Chemical Abstracts Service, Biochemistry Department, 2540 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH

Chemical Abstracts Service is the world's most comprehensive resource for online search and analysis of chemical and chemistry related scientific information. The data on chemical substances in the life sciences is linked to organisms. The CAS taxonomic file contains more than 147,000 terms,  including over 17,600 insect names. About 300 names are added to the database every week. Every name is associated with bibliographic records and corresponding chemical information from the areas of agrochemistry, toxicology, enzymology, genetics, etc. This makes the CAS database an invaluable resource for biologists, including applied, medical, and systematic entomologists. Several searches performed with "STN on the web" database access system  are used to show a variety of information that can be retrieved online and its graphical interpretation. Families of the order Hymenoptera are used as an example.    

Species 1: Hymenoptera
Keywords: database, taxonomy

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