Wednesday, 20 November 2002 - 10:25 AM

This presentation is part of : Electronic Technology Focusing on Diagnosis at a Distance

Bugwood Network: Pre-emptive diagnostics and educational outreach

G. Keith Douce, The University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, P. O. Box 748, Tifton, GA, David J Moorhead, The University of Georgia, Warnell School of Forest Resources, P. O. Box 748, Tifton, GA, and Charles T. Bargeron, The University of Georgia, Department of Entomology, P. O. Box 748, Tifton, GA.

Our image archive and retrieval system has several interfaces that appeal to potential users. ForestryImages: The Source for Forest Health, Natural Resource and Silviculture Images ( contains over 8,000 high-resolution images (February 2002) and continues to expand. Utilizing the ForestryImages database and image handling structure, we have developed: IPMImages (, ( and InsectImages ( that provide topic-focused access to images and information in the system. The images are taxonomically identified and the ancillary database contains descriptive information including: the name and contact information for the photographer, a description of what the images shows, search words, etc. that allow users to find AND utilize the image. Images are accessible via a user-friendly, searchable interface and can be downloaded and used for educational applications in a variety of formats. We are building, or linking to, other information that provides basic biology, life cycle, and general information about the organism(s) for easy access by the user. Our goal is to provide quality image sets that can be used in a variety of ways, AS WELL as to provide basic biological information that will answer a high percentage of the users questions. If we can accomplish that, we can reach a far greater audience with correct information that possible otherwise. The Bugwood Network served over 3 million pages of information to over 450,000 users in 2001. In the seven months after ForestryImages was released (Aug. 2001 Feb. 2002), the system served over 750,000 pages of information to over 45,000 users.

Keywords: photography, technology

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