Sunday, 17 November 2002 - 11:10 AM

This presentation is part of : Contour Mapping and Interpretation of Spatial Insect Counts

Remote sensing to detect the occurrence and spatial distribution of greenbugs in wheat fields

Norman C. Elliott1, Zhiming Yang2, Mahesh Rao2, Frank R. Schiebe3, S. Dean Kindler1, A. Dewain Davis3, and Kristopher Giles4. (1) USDA ARS, Plant Science and Water Conservation Research Laboratory, 1301 N. Western St, Stillwater, OK, (2) Oklahoma State University, Department of Geography, 208 Scott Hall, Stillwater, OK, (3) Site Specific Technologies Development Group, Inc, 824 N. Country Club Rd, Stillwater, OK, (4) Oklahoma State University, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, 127 NRC, OSU, Stillwater, OK

The greenbug is a severe pest of wheat for which there is a need for new integrated pest management (IPM) decision-making tools. A critical component of an IPM program is a method to monitor fields to determine if there is a pest problem. Traditional field-based greenbug monitoring is not cost effective. An aircraft based multi-spectral imaging system to identify fields with greenbug infestations and to delineate the spatial boundaries of infestations in fields may be more practical. Such a system could be made cost effective, and fields could be treated with insecticide when, and where, needed using a "site-specific" IPM approach. To progress towards such a system, our objectives were to: (1) obtain high spatial resolution multi-spectral images of greenbug infested winter wheat fields using the SST Crop Reflectance Imaging System (SSTCRIS); (2) perform simultaneous ground-based reference sampling of greenbug infestations and damage in fields; (3) classify SSTCRIS imagery to produce categorical maps of greenbug infestation patterns in fields; (4) use spatial interpolation techniques to create maps of greenbug density and plant damage from ground-based reference sampling data from the fields; and (5) use statistical methods to assess the degree of agreement between the remotely sensed and ground-based maps.

Species 1: Homoptera Aphididae Schizaphis graminum (Greenbug)
Keywords: greenbug, remote sensing

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