Friday, August 8, 2008: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall CD, Midwest Airlines Center
PS 78 - Latebreaking: Education
Bridging the gap between university researchers and classroom teachers
Christine M. Stracey, University of Florida, Jessica Maciel, University of Florida
Comparing best management practices in community based monitoring programs between habitats
Amy E., Freitag, Duke University, Max P. Pfeffer, Cornell University
Diversity of spiders in Dominica: Application of a model of faculty-student collaboration at a liberal arts college
Leslie Bishop, Earlham College
ESA sowing SEEDS of sustainability in Chiapas, Mexico
Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, Jorge Ramos, University of Washington, Melissa Armstrong, Ecological Society of America, Steven A. Sloan, University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón, Diana Guzman, University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón
Human ecology education in the Department of Family and Child Ecology at Michigan State University
Robert J. Griffore, Michigan State University, Lillian A. Phenice, Michigan State University
Prairie restoration and community building through service learning
Tracy B. Gartner, Carthage College, Prisca Moore, Carthage College
Development of an interdisciplinary exercise to introduce non-science majors to the sustainability of agricultural energy use by investigating their own fossil fuel inputs for one week of food consumption: A bottom-up approach
Christopher M. Thomas, University of Washington Tacoma, Erica T Cline, University of Washington Tacoma
Caching by urban squirrels as a link between research and education
Helena Puche, University of Illinois at Chicago, Joel S. Brown, University of Illinois-Chicago
Towards a nation-wide phenology camera monitoring network
Lisa M. Benton, USA National Phenology Network, Jake F. Weltzin, USA National Phenology Network, Andrew D. Richardson, University of New Hampshire, Mark V. Losleben, USA National Phenology Network
The Nebraska invasive species project: Coordinating outreach, mapping, and management across institutional boundaries
Annabel L. Major, Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Urban forests on college campuses: Opportunities for undergraduate research
Erin Stewart Lindquist, Meredith College, Amanda Powell, Meredith College, Calley Jones, Meredith College, Sara Roberson, Meredith College, Brittney Carr, Meredith College, Anna Simmons, Meredith College
Changes in student research experiences in liberal arts colleges: Challenges and opportunities for faculty
Juliana C. Mulroy, Denison University
Water bear, water bear, what do you see?: The implementation of tardigrades as a means to a more inclusive science experience
Charissa Jones, New College of Florida
Thermal control of aquatic insect emergence: Engaging Arctic residents in ecological research
Malcolm G. Butler, North Dakota State University, Caitlin Hopson-Suvlu, Barrow High School, Virginia Sovalik, Barrow High School, Emily Roseberry, Barrow High School, Marshall Herrick, North Dakota State University
Accessing citizen science to guide invasion ecology: A survey of birdwatchers illuminates the relationship between birds and non-native plants
Clare E. Aslan, University of California, Davis, Marcel Rejmánek, University of California, Davis
Bringing students, practitioners, and researchers together, with less carbon: An experimental seminar
Teresa Woods, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Vicky Meretsky, Indiana University, J. C. Randolph, Indiana University

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