Friday, August 8, 2008: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall CD, Midwest Airlines Center
PS 73 - Latebreaking: Climate Change
Effects of climate change on the winter distribution of rough-legged hawks
Edward Pandolfino, Central Valley Bird Club, Kimberly M. Suedkamp Wells, ENVIRON
A new approach for passive warming in field experiments
Matthew J. Germino, Idaho State University, Dennis Demshar, Idaho State University
Long-term trends of carbon dioxide exchange above a mixed forest at Borden, Ontario
Thomas A. Teklemariam, Environment Canada, Ralf M. Staebler, Environment Canada
Evolutionary responses of tree growth to geologic changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations
Laci M. Gerhart, University of Kansas, Joy K. Ward, University of Kansas
Identification of quantitative trait loci that affect flowering time of Arabidopsis thaliana grown at elevated CO2
Rebecca A. Orozco, University of Kansas, Clint J. Springer, St. Joseph's University, John K. Kelly, University of Kansas, Joy K. Ward, University of Kansas
A preliminary phenology study in an urban woodlot
Rong Yu, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Mark D. Schwartz, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Rapid change in nutrient availability affects the 11C-photosynthate export to root exudates in grasses under ambient and elevated atmospheric CO2
Chantal D. Reid, Duke University, Matthew R. Kiser, Duke University, Richards P. Phillips, Duke University, Alexander S. Crowell, Duke University, Calvin R. Howell, Duke University

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